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Simple Buy to Let Calculator
Is the property a House in Multiple Occupation?
Is the property a Multi-Unit Block?
To find out how much your customer could borrow, if their existing portfolio is acceptable and whether we can improve on this DSCR figure using top-up income.
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Is there an existing Buy to Let portfolio?
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What proportion of the rent do you pay to your letting agent?
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Is the property a House in Multiple Occupation?
Is the property a Multi-Unit Block?
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Total current annual income (app 2)
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Maximum Balance Available:

For higher rate tax payers, we take personal income and expenditure into account when considering the maximum loan available.
If the applicant has active personal credit, a Decision in Principle is required to obtain an exact figure.

This application would be declined, as the portfolio information you have provided does not meet our requirements for on-going affordability