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After you receive a Decision in Principle

Before you submit the application, please obtain details from your client for payment of the fee

We will contact you to take the fee, so be ready to make the payment so that we can begin to assess the application. Or, if you would prefer, please let us know if we should contact the client directly to take this payment.

Please note our solicitor requirements

The firm of solicitors acting for Kensington must be registered with The Law Society, be a member of the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) and have a minimum of 4 partners.

The following items are required on all applications:

Signed application declaration

This is available in the Literature and Documents section of our website. The original will be required prior to offer. Please ensure that the signatures match the identification document.

Signed Direct Debit mandate

This is available in the Literature and Documents section of our website.

Proof of income - on all Residential applications

If your client is employed, the 3 most recent payslips, plus the latest P60 will be required. If your client is paid weekly, we will require the 13 most recent payslips and the latest P60.

If your client is self-employed, the application should include income details from a suitably qualified accountant or the latest HMRC issued SA302.

Buy to Let portfolio information is required with all Buy to Let applications

This is available in the Literature and Documents section of our website.

Proof of deposit

If your client is using their savings to pay for the deposit, please include the latest statement and a trail to show savings history. If your client is using a gifted deposit, please refer to our Criteria for more information.

Post application submission

The following items may be requested within your client's welcome letter. Please take a look at this list and, if you believe any of the items below are relevant to this specific application, inform the applicant that they may be required.

Confirmation of identification

The identification documents outlined in the application process will be requested if we are unable to confirm identification via the bureau.

Proof of residence

If we are unable to confirm via the bureau you may need to send proof of residence to cover the last 24 months. Please ensure your client discloses fully all address information at the outset. If alternative addresses come to light later in the process, it could delay the application.

Mortgage statements

If we are unable to obtain the relevant information from the bureau, proof of the latest 24 months payment will be requested.

Interest Only

Please include evidence of a repayment vehicle. For full details, please see our Criteria.

Letter of explanation for adverse credit

Handwritten by the applicant(s) and addressed to Kensington with a full explanation of the circumstances.