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Specialist mortgages from Kensington

Real life doesn’t always tick all the boxes, so why should your mortgage application have to? At Kensington, we understand that life can be complicated and this can make it harder for some people to secure a mortgage.

So all of our lending decisions are made by experienced underwriters who will assess your application on its own merits and, if it fits our criteria, we will always try to lend.

All new Kensington mortgages move to a reversionary rate following the fixed rate period. This reversionary rate is charged at a margin above 3 Month London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR).

We review LIBOR quarterly to reset the reversionary rate. Currently LIBOR is 0.60%, with effect from 15 February 2016. Where LIBOR is less than 1.00%, we apply a rate of 1.00%.
LIBOR is set by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). You can find out information about current and historic LIBOR using the link below. Please select the currency as GBP, and the date of your choice to display the relevant rates :

How to apply for a Kensington mortgage.

We work with mortgage advisers to ensure you get the best help possible, and would always suggest you seek the advice of a good mortgage adviser before taking out any mortgage. 

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